Friday, August 2, 2013

Rain shower tub?

The new house has a garden tub and I cannot wait to take my first bath!!  Isn't she pretty??

 Normally I love to do a hot, bubbly soak on a Sunday night, complete with candles and a magazine but I haven't made the time yet.

Recently The Girl was in my bathroom and wanted to turn the water on but hmmm....something is missing, no?


So we turned on the water and WTF???  It came out of the ceiling!!??
Can this be right?  Won't water splash everywhere?
Is this for real or just an Idaho thing???


  1. That is strange. How do you take a hot bath? It will be interesting to learn how the water stays hot enough as it pours from the ceiling into the tub. Update, please.

  2. Yes- please keep us posted - I think I would have thought there was a leak!!

  3. That is truly mind-boggling! That can't possibly be right?