Thursday, September 4, 2014

Guest Room Dresser

It's been quite awhile since I posted here.  I had given it up but I am going to try again.

Todays' post is about the Guest Room.  This summer we were expected 3 separate waves of visitors so it was finally time to get that room going.  That will be a separate post but here is the story behind the dresser.

I knew the size and shape I wanted and kept my eyes open at the online tag sale pages and when I went to thrift stores.  The closer it became to the first Visitors, I didn't think it would happen.  I figured I put a card table up for a place to put their stuff.

Then I saw his baby on my friends FB page. For $30 it was EXATLY what I wanted.  Except it was ugly.

I am not sure if this was original or if someone painted the ivy on it or what but it was not the style I was going for.


I took the drawers out and gave it a light sanding and wiped it all down.  As I was priming it, the original idea was to paint it white but then I had a better idea...COLOR!!

The rest of the house is fairly neutral so I thought it would be fun to have some fun with color!   I chose a light blue to go with a theme I have going in that room.  Nothing crazy but something with just a bit of sumthin.

I was thinking of some cool pulls but since there was already a lip for pulling, it really didn't need anything more.

I went with Behr Salty Tears.

So here she is in her ivy-less, salty tears glory!

Quite a difference and I am so happy it was done for our guests to enjoy.  There was a matching headboard which is primed but still in the garage.  I will get to it someday.

Stay tuned for the Guest Room in its entirety!