Saturday, April 4, 2015

Today is being brought to you by the letter K‏

Last week I was in a crafty mood. I had an idea for a small, inexpensive project.

On a prominent kitchen wall, we have a phone jack which we don't use.  It is an eyesore.  (First world problems, I know!!)


See it to the left of the calendar?

I picked up a small canvas at the craft store.

I found the K at the craft store weeks ago for $1.50.  It was cute and I wanted to do something with it.  I went through my paper stash and picked a piece of paper.

I used glue and modge podge and came out with this.

It fits snuggly over the jack and looks a wee bit better than it did before.  I'm pretty happy with it.

I also had some Valentines Day decorations from my time as Room Mom when The Boy was in kindergarten.  I just glued them to an extra canvas I had lying around.  Now I can use this for Valentine's Day if I so choose.

Simple crafts but they make me happy.