Wednesday, July 31, 2013

trying the raw food diet...

This is a perfect example at why I am not "good enough" to be a Martha-type housewife.  Nothing I do is awesome but I can do many things so so.

Last night I made a spectacular meal; baked scallops, zucchini/squash bake (from pinterest!) and fish sticks for The Boy since he doesn't like fish.  All the veggies were fresh from the Farmer's Market, even the garlic!

Looks yummy, right???  Sorry for the awkward view.  Windows 8 SUCKS and it won't let me rotate the pics.  Grrrr.....

As I was scooping the fish sticks off the baking sheet to the plate, I dropped all but one on the floor!  The Boy was pissed but because they were deep fried goodness, he was still happy to eat them.  Thankfully Millie doesn't shed much!

I sat down to eat my own plate of buttery scallops when I realized they were still cold!!  I was feeling rushed and assumed they were done.


We ate them anyways but I was mad.  Seriously, I can mess up an easy dinner???  Then tonight, I went to reheat the leftover corn on the cob.  I brought it to The Table and The Husband asked if I had actually cooked it.


Actually, I hadn't!  When I cooked the first batch the other night, I was going to cook it all but he talked me out of it.  Grrrr.....

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Before moving to Idaho, I did my research and knew there wasn't a  Home Goods in the entire state. I finally have a bit of money AND a reason to decorate but my options are limited. Sigh.

Anyway, I headed over to TJ Maxx which has a small home goods section. I was looking for a taller table/shelve thingy for a space in the guest suite or, as we've been calling it, the up, upstairs. We didn't find what we were looking for but we did pick up a few accessories for the shelves in the living room. Things I probably would have been afraid to buy if I was alone but with The Husband's nod, it was ok. And I don't like to pay too much for stuff.

I seem to be drawn to green lately.  I loved the color and shape.  Of course it was too tall for the shelf I had in mind.

Simple but I liked that this had texture.  Also too tall for the shelf.  Sigh.

I liked the color and it fit on the shelf.  Yay!
So here is where they ended up.  For now......

This little table is by the front door.  Not sure if it will stay here or not.

See that sad mirror?  Dying to be hung lovingly on the wall.


Orb on a shelf.  It works.

Green, tall thing.  It kind of matches the green on the canisters that Memere made me years ago....That was an unplanned coincidence!
My $5.00 succulent from the farmers market.  Pretty!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bear Name Hangings

In December I made  these fun and super cute (I think) hanging things for my nieces and nephews.  What do you think??

 I know.  I am missing a "B"
I had a lot of fun making them.  I think the kids all liked them. I have a new nephew coming next month.  Maybe he will like one of his own?

Bench Redeaux

Like most crafty gals, I love spray paint!  This is a project I did back in May, after a friend inspired me with something similar.  I took our old, worn out bench that is probably 12 years old.  I sanded and painted it black.



There is some rotting going on but one can still sit on it.My friend had found cushions at Wal*Mart that fit perfectly!  Who knew??

This was the final result.

She is now proudly displayed in the front yard.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moving Tips

Having recently packed a house and moved across the country, I meant to post this when it was all fresh in my mind.  Having a friend who is moving out of state and keeps asking me questions has made this come alive again.  Not to mention that I am NOW having dreams/nightmares about moving, um after the fact??  Attributing them to the category of stress dreams.

Never having made a move like this before, I highly recommend you/spouse gets a relocation package which includes movers and packers!!!

*purge, purge, purge! For as much as we did, there was more on the other end, especially for the kids stuff! Tag sale, Goodwill, friends.  Towards the end I was just giving stuff to friends that I couldn't donate.  I didn't care what they did with it!!

*have a designated space for boxes to hold the crappe from when you declutter your house.  Label well.

*check Craigslist/friends for moving boxes, bubble wrap and paper.  That stuff can be expensive!  Use Craigslist/FB to get rid of it on the other side.

*intersperse the things you don't want the movers to know about/or aren't supposed to be transported into separate boxes that YOU pack.  Let's say we had a lot of boxes labeled books, pictures and arts/crafts.

*have one or two no touch zones where the packers/movers won't touch.  I used my bed and the kitchen table.

*keep packing tape, a sharpie, post its and a note pad for yourself.  You will need it!

*put bedding you will need for your first night in boxes but wrap them in a special colored tape for easy identifying.  You'll want a fresh bed to fall into on your first night.

*same with pjs, change of clothes and toiletries.

*keep some cleaning supplies on hand to do your final cleanup. Doesn't hurt to leave a roll of paper towels and toilet paper for the new people. 

*candles will melt.  Movers aren't supposed to take matches, flammable items and things in aerosol cans.

*keep track of passports, plane tickets, keys (your son's meds) in a safe place.  If you are driving your car to your new home, that is another great safe zone.

* have cash on hand if you want to tip the movers/packers.  Drinks, snacks, etc might motivate them to work through breaks or lunch.

I'm sure I had more but that's all that comes to mind.  Just remember, moving is stressful and it sucks but hopefully it will be worth it.