Sunday, July 28, 2013


Before moving to Idaho, I did my research and knew there wasn't a  Home Goods in the entire state. I finally have a bit of money AND a reason to decorate but my options are limited. Sigh.

Anyway, I headed over to TJ Maxx which has a small home goods section. I was looking for a taller table/shelve thingy for a space in the guest suite or, as we've been calling it, the up, upstairs. We didn't find what we were looking for but we did pick up a few accessories for the shelves in the living room. Things I probably would have been afraid to buy if I was alone but with The Husband's nod, it was ok. And I don't like to pay too much for stuff.

I seem to be drawn to green lately.  I loved the color and shape.  Of course it was too tall for the shelf I had in mind.

Simple but I liked that this had texture.  Also too tall for the shelf.  Sigh.

I liked the color and it fit on the shelf.  Yay!
So here is where they ended up.  For now......

This little table is by the front door.  Not sure if it will stay here or not.

See that sad mirror?  Dying to be hung lovingly on the wall.


Orb on a shelf.  It works.

Green, tall thing.  It kind of matches the green on the canisters that Memere made me years ago....That was an unplanned coincidence!
My $5.00 succulent from the farmers market.  Pretty!

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