Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moving Tips

Having recently packed a house and moved across the country, I meant to post this when it was all fresh in my mind.  Having a friend who is moving out of state and keeps asking me questions has made this come alive again.  Not to mention that I am NOW having dreams/nightmares about moving, um after the fact??  Attributing them to the category of stress dreams.

Never having made a move like this before, I highly recommend you/spouse gets a relocation package which includes movers and packers!!!

*purge, purge, purge! For as much as we did, there was more on the other end, especially for the kids stuff! Tag sale, Goodwill, friends.  Towards the end I was just giving stuff to friends that I couldn't donate.  I didn't care what they did with it!!

*have a designated space for boxes to hold the crappe from when you declutter your house.  Label well.

*check Craigslist/friends for moving boxes, bubble wrap and paper.  That stuff can be expensive!  Use Craigslist/FB to get rid of it on the other side.

*intersperse the things you don't want the movers to know about/or aren't supposed to be transported into separate boxes that YOU pack.  Let's say we had a lot of boxes labeled books, pictures and arts/crafts.

*have one or two no touch zones where the packers/movers won't touch.  I used my bed and the kitchen table.

*keep packing tape, a sharpie, post its and a note pad for yourself.  You will need it!

*put bedding you will need for your first night in boxes but wrap them in a special colored tape for easy identifying.  You'll want a fresh bed to fall into on your first night.

*same with pjs, change of clothes and toiletries.

*keep some cleaning supplies on hand to do your final cleanup. Doesn't hurt to leave a roll of paper towels and toilet paper for the new people. 

*candles will melt.  Movers aren't supposed to take matches, flammable items and things in aerosol cans.

*keep track of passports, plane tickets, keys (your son's meds) in a safe place.  If you are driving your car to your new home, that is another great safe zone.

* have cash on hand if you want to tip the movers/packers.  Drinks, snacks, etc might motivate them to work through breaks or lunch.

I'm sure I had more but that's all that comes to mind.  Just remember, moving is stressful and it sucks but hopefully it will be worth it.

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