Wednesday, July 31, 2013

trying the raw food diet...

This is a perfect example at why I am not "good enough" to be a Martha-type housewife.  Nothing I do is awesome but I can do many things so so.

Last night I made a spectacular meal; baked scallops, zucchini/squash bake (from pinterest!) and fish sticks for The Boy since he doesn't like fish.  All the veggies were fresh from the Farmer's Market, even the garlic!

Looks yummy, right???  Sorry for the awkward view.  Windows 8 SUCKS and it won't let me rotate the pics.  Grrrr.....

As I was scooping the fish sticks off the baking sheet to the plate, I dropped all but one on the floor!  The Boy was pissed but because they were deep fried goodness, he was still happy to eat them.  Thankfully Millie doesn't shed much!

I sat down to eat my own plate of buttery scallops when I realized they were still cold!!  I was feeling rushed and assumed they were done.


We ate them anyways but I was mad.  Seriously, I can mess up an easy dinner???  Then tonight, I went to reheat the leftover corn on the cob.  I brought it to The Table and The Husband asked if I had actually cooked it.


Actually, I hadn't!  When I cooked the first batch the other night, I was going to cook it all but he talked me out of it.  Grrrr.....

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  1. Hehe - I've done that many times - I've also walked away from dinner to clean something to occupy my time while I am "watching" the food and all the sudden the food is! The food looks selfish though! You should post the Pinterest recipe you used!