Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Organized Spice Rack

The new house came with a built in spice rack on the Pantry Door. 

At first I thought it was great until we realized the standard spice bottles were too tall to fit.  Plus I had most of my spices in their precious, airtight Tupperware containers that The Husband hated, lovingly written on with a Sharpie!

I had been stockpiling baby food jars for other craft related goodness and  I was able to hoard some when I was babysitting.

Well, they fit perfectly in the racks!!  So I took as many spices as I could, armed myself with a label maker and ta da!!

It looks more organized and pretty!

I still have some of the smaller spice and Tupperware containers and I am fine with them but The Husband, who has some OCD, is looking for more baby food jars!

I did alphabetize them.

I have a basket of the leftover spices and the ones that never made it into a jar but as of now, it is much easier to find what we need, see what is running low and it is a nice, organized sight to see when I open that door!

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  1. Great idea! Well done! I'm always knocking spices over when I am digging in my spice cabinet - I may need to try this one!