Monday, August 12, 2013

a few more house updates

I've done a little more shopping and tweaking to the house and here is what I've done.

First, this is Millie!  She loves to lounge around the deck, soaking up the sunshine.  Sometimes she needs help to hold up her ginormous dome.

Today we went to Target and I found these curtains for my bedroom.  I know they are a bit short but that could be fixed if The Husband wants to lower the curtain rod but I am fairly certain he won't.  If he gives me the ok to keep them, I will actually iron them.  They are a silver/grey two-toned silk.  I think they look sophisticated.

This is the wall one sees when walking down the basement stairs.  These are artsy pictures I took a few years ago on a family vacation.  I know it will bother me that they are too spaced out along the wall.  But we get extra points for having them perfectly spaced out from one another!

More Target curtains for The Girl's room.  Her walls are lavender but the blue kind of made a funky statement.  She really liked them and she only has one window in her room!  Score!

My lemon vase (pronounced voz).  I bought the lemons at a craft store and was hunting high and low for a clear glass cylinder.  Nothing at the thrift store or any other cheapo stores so I finally broke down and bought it at Target.  Luckily it was on clearance!  My friend had one on her counter and I always liked it.  Now that I have room, I wanted one for myself.

This is the view from the outside of The Office.  Pictures on the wall!!

This is part of the Powder Room.  This was a picture we previously had but we bought new towels.  I like how the blues play off each other.

I think the Dining Room is pretty much done but we need more things for the walls.  There is a lot of brown/neutral in this house and it works (and I am not ready for any type of painting project anytime soon!)

I just realized that we don't use the dining room as a dumping ground anymore!!  Maybe that's why it seems to get dusty so fast....

The old house had a bay and bow window that was perfect for my plants.  Not having anything like that here, I have to be a bit more creative in finding room/sun for houseplants.  I have resorted to finding plants that need low light and am hoping for the best.

That's it for now!  Let me know with a quick comment that you stopped by....


  1. Oooh -- I like your house! I wish my dining room wasn't a dumping ground! Love the blues in the powder room. That Millie kills me -- she does have a big noggin!

  2. Wish I could come see it in person!! Love it all!

  3. Looks like home!! Great job!

  4. Well done! I suddenly have an urge to our pictures everywhere in our home But don't want to spend a fortune on frames - any recommendations on where to find a deal?