Saturday, August 17, 2013

gallery, rug and a bath update

There is a hallway that separates the dining room and kitchen.  I believe it was labeled as the Mud Room.  On one side of the all there are rows of hooks (picture back packs and winter coats and a very twitchy Husband).  On the other side we made a Gallery Wall!  No measuring, no matchy match frames.  Just hung up some hooks and bam!  Wall is done!

For a house that is bigger than the old one, there is less room for me to stick my framed pictures.  Part of it is that I am (not) patiently waiting for us to find more furniture to stick them on.  I have also taken some older baby pics out of frames.  Sigh.  I love my pictures all over a home but I feel like it is becoming to cluttered.  Need the less is more approach. 

I found an entry way rug for the front door at Overstock!

It was almost the one I had envisioned and the price was great (sale.)  I always wanted a better rug for the old house but there were so many layers on that floor, a door couldn't open over it and a rug.   I am happy with the quality and it feels it cushy under barefeet,

I forgot to update y'all about the bathtub situation. After a big hike on Sunday, I thought a bath would be a great way to relax.  First of all, those tubs are kind of hard to clean.  I was crawling in and out of it while the water dripped down at me!!  Then I began filling it and added bubbles.  Because I was covered in dirt, the water became dirty and icky and it was hard to relax after that!!  I emptied the tub and took a quick shower...which I should have done first!!  I will try again but it did work, although it still makes no sense to me! 

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  1. Loving all the house pictures, you're doing a beautiful job decorating!