Monday, August 5, 2013

poppin tag$

I had to google what poppin tags meant and while I sang along with the song, I never actually listened to the words until today and realized it took place in a thrift store.

I am that stupid.

Anyway, today we finally made it to the local thrift store and I was beyond excited!!  It looked huge from the outside and while I am always happy to find some hidden treasure, there were things I had in mind that I was looking for.

Sadly, I was disappointed.  There were tons of clothes but the home goods sections were pretty crappy.  (I don't usually look for clothes.)


I did meander to the book section and I scored BIG!  I am a bit of a book snob, especially when it comes to Thrift Stores.  The books need to be in great condition because if it even looks like someone was eating or bathing when they read it, I don't want it!!  For $9.30 I found 6 books for me, one for The Girl and 2 comic books for The Boy.  They were authors that I like but haven't read and one bestseller.  The books were either $.65 or $1.95.  Although I am a huge fan of the public library, at those prices, how could I not indulge??

Then we headed to a big hardware store for picture hooks and plants!  The Girl wanted one for her room (she chose a Venus fly trap) and I found 3 for me...2 on clearance!  I will nurse those poor babies back to health!  I still miss some of my old plants.....

In other good news, The Husband has started hanging things on the walls!!  YAY!!!  He needs a calculator, tape measure and a laser level.  He hasn't busted out the stud finder yet (insert jokes here.)  Every time I pass a wall that has something on it, it makes my heart smile!

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