Thursday, August 15, 2013


Thanks to an idea on Pinterest, I made pillows!

It was pretty easy to do and I know I will do it again!

I had to buy double lined placements, which I finally found at Target.  They were harder to find than I thought. At $3.99 each I had a minor heart attack but this experiment would yield me 2 inexpensive pillows.
The Back

The Front.  I wanted to add some color to the two dining room chairs that are now in the corners of the room.

Step one is to rip the seam open enough to get your hand in there to add the stuffing.  I found a bag of stuffing at Joann's for $9.00.  Clearly too excited to think, I bought it off sale and without a coupon!  I actually bought 2 bags (just in case) so I will return the other one.  Next time I will be more prepared.  *Hangs head in shame.*

After the pillow is stuffed, you sew up the edge.

I am no seamstress but this kind of sewing I can handle!

Isn't it cute?  I swear it took me less than 20 minutes to make both pillows.  I definitely want to make more for the Guest Room.  Both The Husband and I aren't really Decorative Pillow People when it comes to our bed but I know The Girl will want some for herself.  She helped me stuff them because she just had to help. 

I am estimating the pillows came to about $7.00 since I still have some stuffing leftover. It made me happy to be a little crafty, a little thrifty and a little decorative.


  1. Wow -- love those! I will definitely be a copycat!

  2. Adorable and I am so going to do this!