Friday, September 27, 2013

Apple Season!

We have an apple tree in our front yard. The kids have been eating the apples all summer but now that they are ripening, The Husband wanted to pick them and cook with them.

Very cool to go outside, pick some fruit and come back inside.  Just missing the cider and donuts from the orchard.

We cut up a lot of apples for apple sauce and cut the rest to flash freeze for pies and cakes for the next few months.

The Husband and The Girl worked together to get the apples ready for me to arrange and freeze.

We filled up the ziploc bags for apple sauce.

I filled up 8 quart size bags of the sliced apples.

Tomorrow we are going to try to can some apples. Wish us luck....


  1. Wow!! Can't believe you got all those apples from your front yard!