Thursday, September 5, 2013

decorating with greenery

With the kids at school and my day off at the gym, I wanted to run some fun errands.  I have/had a Michael's gift card burning a hole in my pocket so that was my main goal.

Of course, nothing really jumped at me but I did buy a few things for some upcoming projects. 

My cute little purchase was this:

Two sprigs of whatever this type of greenery this is and a decorative vase.  All on clearance.  I've been looking at the pre-assembled ones but either they are way too expensive or on clearance but the colors are off. 

 I've been wanting color in the Laundry Room but it is in my bathroom for now.

It is in front of the outlet so I am sure it will bother me when I need to straighten my hair.  But it's cute and I like it!

Then I went to the Thrift Shop to see what I could find.  Believe it or not, I brought home this baby:

I know, who uses fake crap like this anymore, right?  A lot of people use these around here on the really high cabinets.  For $2.95. I thought I'd try it out.

I think it looks ok up there.  If I find something better or we don't like it after awhile, I won't feel bad.  For $3.00 it is a donation to The Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store!

They had a couple pf those fake potted trees for $30 and I was tempted.  The Husband hates them but I think it would look good in our office.

My last goody was from Michael's. 

I need a frame like I need a hole in my head but I do have an addiction.  I thought this one (on clearance!) will be perfect for our holiday picture (not taken yet).  Someone asked where I got all my frames.  I look everywhere, especially in clearance sections at Target, Home Goods, etc.  I am not afraid to paint something a different color or tweak it a bit.  Lately I prefer black or white frames but I am trying to overcome that!

That was my morning.  It was especially nice to do this Kid Free!

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  1. Omg - I am starting a frame addiction now that I have a home! They just opened. Hobby Lobby by be - have u ever been?!? It is seriously craft heaven! You should check if thru have any close to you / I always hear about them on Pinterest and after 1 trip - I forgot all about the other craft stores lol! I like the fake plants when them aren't awfully fake looking - yours looks real :)