Thursday, September 12, 2013

canning peaches!!

Over the last year or so my husband has really become interested in canning, as in *I* should learn it. I had no desire. But then my friend Adrienne of Free Time Frolics, was willing to teach me. 

First I bought a box of peaches and needed to wait for them to ripen.

Then we soaked them in hot water to blanch the skins.

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The longer they soaked, the easier they were to peel.  I was slow and clumsy and for every one I peeled, Adrienne has at least 3 done!  We cut them into sections and jammed them into the quart jars, filled in the cracks with sugar water.  I was disappointed that you need to add sugar (for preservation) as I thought they'd be healthier without the extra sugar, right??

Adrienne has a fancy schmancy water bath machine that cooks up the peaches and seals the jars.

Some of the scraps.  My chickens would have loved this yumminess.  But they are back in CT.

At the end of the day, I had 14 quarts of yummy peaches, that I will be able to eat (I am allergic to most fresh fruit).

It wasn't  hard process but it is time consuming, and everything gets sticky.  I'd be happy to do more canning with friends or by myself, as long as I have a good movie to watch!