Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall decor tour

I love decorating for Fall. It went from being hot here, to lots of windy/rainy days.  We even had sleet last week!!  But today feels like Fall and believe it or not, trees do change color in Idaho!

I had a coupon for mums so I picked up 3 to decorate the front door.

We haven't gone pumpkin picking yet but I did find a few gourds.

This is my favorite color of mums but I thought yellow would be a good pop since the house is brown.

Inside the house....This is the rest of the silk flowers that were leftover from the wreath.  I actually think they look really pretty in here.

We left this table by the stairs for now but it needs a better home.  I threw some of the things the kids have made over the years on it.

More orange in the family room.

I finally have a nice mantel to decorate!  At first I wasn't happy with how this came out but it grew on me.

I put my scarecrows on the "hearth".  Wasn't the look I was going for but the rest of the fam liked it so it stayed.

Happy Fall!

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